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Tuition Enrollment Program (TEP)!


  • Online Registration for Returning Students

    Online Registration for returning students is now open from April 3- April 28th!  Please register your student for the 17-18 school year.  If you fail to do this you will have to come to walk-in registration on July 18-19.  Click here to access the link to the Parent Portal.  If you have problems please call the school that your student attends. 

    Please note**

    If you have joint custody we do not allow online registration because of legalities and privacy-you may register at the school that your child attends during the online registration window.

    If your child is attending OSSD on an affidavit, you must register during walk-in registration on July 18-19

  • The 2017-18 Academic Calendar is now available
    You can go to the calendar page or click here to access the link,
  • Want to be a Greyhound and don't live in OS? Check out our TEP!

    The Board of Education of Ocean Springs School District (OSSD) has determined to admit to its high school on a tuition basis a defined number of qualified nonresident students interested in pursuing a rigorous course of study prerequisite to admission to the OSSD International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) or the Advanced Placement Capstone Program. The District has established the following eligibility requirements or criteria in determining whether to admit a nonresident Tuition Enrollment Program (TEP) student to be eligible to apply in a student’s freshman year (or sophomore year if openings are available) for admission to the District's International Baccalaureate  (IB) Diploma Program or the Advanced Placement Capstone.  The student must successfully complete the classes and the required assessments associated with each diploma track. Enrollment in the District’s IB DP and AP Capstone Programs will be determined spring of sophomore year. More information here!

  • Do you need bus information?

    he OSSD Operations Dept has launched a new program called Ifinder i ! This program will assist parents in locating bus information such as:


    1. Finding their child's designated bus stop.

    2. Locating which school their child would attend if they are planning to move

    Click on the graphic below to try it out!








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