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Role of the Ocean Springs School District School Board
The overarching goal of the Ocean Springs School Board is in guiding the education of the District’s children in a nurturing and safe environment. More specifically, the Board officially meets once a month; however, on an average the Board has a second, monthly meeting, i.e., either a work session or special called meeting in which it

• discusses issues in a systematic, objective, and transparent manner, respecting each others’ opinions, as well as those of faculty, staff, students, parents, and/or community members who come before the Board;
• develops district policy which complements state and national policies
• evaluates all pre-K through 12 programs and facilities;
• supports or rejects Consent and/or Action Items which are presented to the Board by the Central Office Administration;
• supports, rejects, or modifies Executive Session issues which may involve property, litigation, student matters, and/or personnel issues;
• monitors all operation of the school district in terms of programmatic progress in academics, the arts, and athletics;
• chooses, directs, and annually evaluates the superintendent;
• conducts annual Board evaluations with input from the District’s Building Principals and Central Office Administration;
• provides oversight in the planning and deployment of resources, both material and human;
• serves as a “bridge” between the District and the community, in reflecting the community’s education desires, in encouraging public involvement, and in promoting community understanding and support;
• serves as individual and/or collective ambassadors on behalf of the District to the Gulf Coast Education Initiative Consortium in making select, educational issues a priority with political officials at the local and state levels;
• ensures fiscal, legal, staff, and programmatic accountability;
• meets quarterly with the Advisory/Quality of Work Life representatives (approx. 18) from each campus and various employee groups;
• attends numerous, annual academic, art, and athletic events, as well as annual orientation, graduation, awards, and recognition ceremonies;
• inspects every District facility in two, separate, academic-year, “walk-throughs” for status of maintenance, safety, organization, and cleanliness;
• participates in a minimum of six hours of professional development programs at the local, state, or national levels;
• prepares letters of support and recommendation as needed for District personnel and/or programmatic recognition, as well as preparing letters to appropriate city, county, and state officials relative to school-related issues;
• retains Legal Counsel for the Board and the District; and
• serves as representative members on Annual Salary Review Committee and Athletic and/or Education Foundations.
• Minutes to each meeting can be viewed here.
Sue WhiteSue WhitePresident



Wally CarterWally CarterMember


Eric CampEric CampMember 



Kacee WatersKacee WatersMember



School Board meetings are held at the Ocean Springs School District Central Office on the second Tuesday of each month.  All dates are published on the District Events calendar.

School Board Information

School Board meeting agendas and minutes are archived each month.  All information can be accessed here.


All questions and inquiries can be submitted to Betty Williams, School Board Administrative Assistant


  Betty Williams




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